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I'm the marketing assistant you've always dreamed of having.

Hi there! My name is Bonita and Virtual Emma_ is my baby. Well, it's actually my third baby (a girl at last!), and came about because I wanted to be around for my boys, but still do what I love - marketing, writing, and events.

Ultimately, I’m a passionate project manager that thrives on supporting savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners with their marketing, by creating authentic and engaging content (or events) that brings their brand and customer journey to life. I've been doing it for a while now (here's my LinkedIn page) and I still really, really love it.

Why not let me take all those tedious and time-consuming bits off your hands so that you can get back to focusing on your core business and doing what you love!

Go on, give me a ring and let’s chat - you won't regret it.